Course Fee Structure

Course Fees/Year (Rs) Scholarships
Discounts Provided
BBM 30,000 Yes
Selection Criteria Applies
B.COM 25,000 Yes
Selection Criteria Applies
BCA 35,000 Yes
Selection Criteria Applies

Financial Support & Scholarships

We aim to provide financial support through fees reductions and scholarships provided by the Abbas Educational Trust and various other organizations. The support is extended to selected students based on the below criteria:

  • Marks obtained
  • Family financial background
  • Remarkable Sports and extra curricular activities
  • Fees reduction on full payment of yearly fees.

Notes: Documentary evidence needs to be provided for every criteria claimed. Support provided for one academic year does not carry forward for the next year.

 We will be more than happy to provide all the necessary documentation support if a student is seeking scholarships from any other organizations of their choice.